The Mammoth Syndicate started on June 20th 2008, bringing to life the world of Joppa City in it’s web comics. Joppa City centers around it's most famous... or maybe, infamous hero, Ammon and his fantastic adventures that span over weird and exotic dimensions! Shortly afterwards, the Kung Fruit series was added to the lineup, featuring Applehead! Applehead is a Kung Fruit master and has unique abilities, such as his fire fist! Together with his prize fighting clown friend, Mookie and his shape shifting, green chum, Will-Gamesh, they fight the evil forces of Frog Genius and his created gang of thugs! The last comic series to be added was Mammoth Spotlight. This is a rotating mini-series with different stories! Recently, our story took place in the Red Colony on Mars! The all new story "Perils of Pandemonium" will star Joppa City hero Pope! In that mini-series, Pope's origin will be revealed!
mammoth syndicate 2015